Tuesday, July 15, 2008


What is wrong with this picture?

Look closely.

They are both New Balance shoes.

They are both well worn and basically falling apart.

Look closer.

They are not the same.

Not even close.

Different laces.

Different "N".

Probably a different size.

I dressed Cole this morning.

I was taking him to the doctor.

For fever.

I never noticed the shoes.

Until the nurse asked him to take them off so she could weigh him.

I am one "got-it-all-together" mama.

For more proof...

Claire and I were mailing packages at the post office.

I asked her to mail a few letters for me.

When I turned around, I saw a price tag hanging from her shirt.


And the shirt was wrong side out.


The Reed's said...

It's like they were making their own:
inside out, mix-match day.

We had these days at school.

For spirit week.

Maybe tomorrow will be bad hair day, and school colors.

amanda said...

i love this game!!

and how cool are you letting the kiddos go out in public looking all cute...mismatched shoes and inside out t-shirts are part of the latest trends :)

you are ahead of your time friend!

The Mom said...

One of those days, huh?! *hugs* hope he's feeling better soon!

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Just one of those days, huh? Is Cole OK?

And for the record, at least they weren't COMPLETELY different looking shoes - they were pretty similar so you get a break!

Krystyn said...

And, then you said loudly..."good job dressing yourselves this morning, kiddos!" Right, right?

Check your undies, maybe they are on inside out and that threw you off all day!

Dana said...

Oh, it's really ok, we have those days often. Today was actually pajama day at daycare, and we NEVER remember to do things like that.
Hunter has on more than one occasion worn one black spiderman crock and one blue crock to daycare, usually because we can't find the match.
Sometimes he also has his shorts on backwards.

You're definately not alone.

Carol said...

Just be grateful that they were dressed, sometimes that is a challenge in itself.

From the mother who lost the ability to put her childs shoes on the correct feet for an entire pregancy. Even when I really concentrated.

leah said...

oh that's so funny! how many shades of pink were you when you realized it!? LOL!

One day at a time said...

Ok I am commenting mainly for repentance and forgiveness.

I posted two days ago.

I know you have google reader.

I know you have read my posts.

But you failed to comment like you usually do.

The reason... b/c I havent commented on yours!
am I right?

So here you go. I do and always have enjoyed reading your blog. I laugh everytime and cry a lot of the time from laughing so hard. You are the funniest person I know and I am not saying that just cause you are my aunt. I really mean it. Please do not hate me for not commenting. I do read and I PROMISE to from now on leave a comment for you to know I read your post also!!

With love,
Brittany :)

Lauren said...

It just proves you are a daring, trend setting, fashion forward, fashion maven you are...I totally agree with Amanda...you are like, totally ahead of your time!

duchess said...

It's opposite day for y'all too!
See, I told you.

C&C Mama said...

I have had days like that!! Don't worry. Tonight at a restaurant, I was thinking that Chandler look so cute....a little raggedy but hey it summer. My mom said, "You look like a cute, little rag-a-muffin." She matched but her face was dirty, her hair was messy, and she was barefoot....but she was happy & smiling!! Oh well, she will remember all the fun she had not how she was dressed!! I hope your little man gets to feeling better!!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how we all worry about these things. Must be a mommy thing. I'm sure no one noticed the shoes or the price tag.

Kristen said...

Oh my!

I love that you took photos to prove. Because seriously dear, no way my southern girl does not ALWAYS have it together!!


Hope little Cole is feeling better soon. :)

Stephanie said...

Too funny! Karys' shoes are usually just on the wrong feet (oops!). But they are always the same shoe ;)

So the title of your post has me singing the tune Ernie sings on Sesame Street. Thanks for that. Ugh! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that someone else does things like that! :)

Probably no one else noticed....probably.....

Grammy Staffy said...

What!!!! no pictures of the tag hanging out???? Are you slacking in your photo blog duties???? I can't believe my blog idol... my icon....could neglect such a thing.
I am crushed.heehee

However, in spite of your tag photo oversight I did give you a blog award yesterday....much deserved by you of course....then I lost it...I can't get it to upload again...I need your help. What am I doing wrong? Please come to my rescue Wendi.

BusyDad said...

These are the times when you resort to what you would do back when you were a kid. You simply say "What! I did that on purpose!"

Anonymous said...

Man I had a day like that a few days ago too. It's just nice to know that we can wake up and start over the next day.

At least you're a Mom blogger and you take pictures of such events. I'd be sad if it were merely a story :)

stephanie howard said...

LOL, you just made my night! I would have loved to see your eyes when you realized you had mis matched shoes on your baby.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

You crack me up! :)