Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No One Told Me There Would Be Days Like This

It seems that I am no longer in control of things around here.

I have relinquished that title to my four year old.

Without even realizing it happened.

I just returned from taking Chase to play golf with some friends.

Cole whined, complained, and told me that I am not a good Mommy.

All. the. way. home.

Because of course I do not take him to play golf.

"You neva take me Mommy...neva!" he said.

"You say you will take me, but you are not nice because you neva, neva do!!!"

The whine fest continued.

All. the. way. home.

It seemed like forever.

It was 2.5 miles.


We went inside and he was whining about wanting something to eat.


And crying.

And pulling on the pantry doors.

I had heard enough.

I sent him to his room.

In just a few minutes he was standing in the kitchen with his comforter.

"Why did you unmake your bed and bring your comforter in the kitchen Cole?"

"Because you made me sad." he responded.

"How did I make you sad?" I countered.

"Because you said mean things to me."

"I said mean things to you?" I repeated.

"Yes. You told me to go to my room because I was whining and crying like a baby."


"Oh that."

"That wasn't mean sweetie."

That was being honest.

"Now go put your comforter back on your bed." I insisted.

"But Mommy my arms are sooooo tired."

"I am weak. "

"Feel my muscles."

"See... I am not strong any more." he continued.

I was losing my patience.

"Cole, please pick up the comforter and go put it back on your bed like I asked."


Do you want to know what that little stinker said to me?

"Mommy ...do you want me to do that thing I was doing again?"

Was this a threat?

"What thing Cole?"

"That thing where I whine like a baby and lay in the floor and kick and cry."

"Do you want me to do THAT thing again?"

"No Cole I do not think that would be advisable."

And then I excused myself to the bathroom where I laughed until I cried.


Carol said...

Living with a terrible 2 and a somewhat troubling 3 year old I was looking forward to the age of 4 for them both.

Now not so much!

Maybe I'll book my kids in for golf lesson in hope that'll avoid such an experience.

Dancin Queen said...

OOOOoooh. You better be careful. You have a smart one there.

Stephanie said...

I had no idea they started this early...wow! I would have had to laugh to myself too. Pretty amusing ;)

Anonymous said...

This seriously made me laugh!!!!!
It must be something they go through. Every once in a while if I have to get on Maddie, she'll quickly say, mommy you are not being nice to me!
And when she is tired of walking somewhere, she turns to me and says, mom my legs are tired.......I quickly tell her, mine are too, now get to walking!!!

Krystyn said...

Oh, no! I think I would have laughed, too! Did his brother help him come up with that one?

Lisa said...

I'm only laughing because my afternoon was so similar yesterday. I finally sent Goosey to her room until Hubby got home because if she wasn't going to listen to me I wasn't going to have her by me. (And secretly I felt like I might ring her neck!) She was yelling at the top of her lungs what a mean, mean mommy I was. If she only knew.....

Hope today is better for both of us!

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness!

That IS a smart cookie you have there. And holy moly at 4 years old. WOW!!

Can I just say how much I love that I have talked to you, because I can actually hear the whole conversation. :)

Hoping today is much better for you!! :) Fingers crossed.

Susan said...

It is amazing how quickly they learn what will get a reaction out of us.
What an observant little guy you have!
Have a great day today!

Chelle said...

Hehe! You are going to have your hands full with your smart little man. The best part was how he threatened you to do it all over again :)

amanda said...

can i just say thank you...

i have you in my life to tell me that there are in fact going to be days like this :)

i am pretty sure i wouldn't have made it to the bathroom to laugh!!

Grammy Staffy said...

If I start teaching my college child development classes again can I use this??... too funny and what reasoning skills....

Ahh..motherhood is such fun... enjoy....before you know it they will be grown... and these memories will wrap around you like a warm quilt.

We must leave Erin's today and travel home.... We hate to leave... We will be home Thurs eve... I won't have internet until then so I will stop by again Fri.

Love ya, Grammy Lura

Amber said...

Reading that did not make me feel NEARLY so bad with some of the "conversations" I have with my children. Rest assured, your Cole and my Hadley would be a force to be reckoned with if they ever hooked up. :-)

leah said...

i cross my heart, i shall not read this aloud to rodney when my little ones are around. they've got good ears. kwim?

hope you have a great day, babe. i'm going to pass through kinston some time on friday, not sure exact time yet - probably somewhere between 2-5... if you'd like to meet at a park or some other kid-friendly hangout, me thinks i could make it happen. :)

later, gater! i mean, meanie!!

leah said...

only 3 more posts till the big 'un!!!!

Simply Shannon said...

Oh, what a funny little mean. It's amazing how quickly children learn to be manipulative little stinkers, isn't it? They're lucky that they're so cute when they're doing it.
I hope that today goes better!

Ashley said...

haha!! This sounds like an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond!! I can just see him narrowing his eyes with the threat!! Great story to tell to his wife someday!!~

Mamasphere said...

They get so smart, so fast. I'm sure there will be lots more laughs ahead!

Elaine A. said...

I feel your pain sister. Especially the whining part. Why, on why must they whine? Uh oh, now I am doing it too! ; )

Marla said...

i think these are some of my worst days as a mom... i am weak...i can't handle the pressure... i need to learn from you and laugh :)

The Reed's said...

Too Cute!! Hope tomorrow is better.. But what a great story for him when he is older!

Monica said...

That is so hysterical! That made me laugh pretty good. I've been called mean too. Usually when my son needs a nap is when I'm the meanest. Funny how that works.

Kelli said...

Control? I lost that a long time ago...haha!

just jamie said...

Thank you God for reminding me that there are OTHER people out there having the same battles as me. Your Cole sounds A LOT like my Chase. I need to remember to put myself in a time-out like you. Good thinking.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was nice that we had the same name then I realized that we both have a son named Chase. Cole is one of the names on my list if we have another son. Nice to meet you!

I love your story. Thanks for warning us with younger ones that there will be days like this! Thanks for sharing.

LifeatTheCircus said...

Yes, don't you just love those days?? My hubby could tell by the way I answered the phone yesterday that we were having one of THOSE days...

Good job leaving the room to hide your laughter!! What a clever little on you have there!

mom2natnkatncj said...

Oh boy you've got your hands full with that one ;).

Jenny said...

Wow!! you will definitely have your hands full... but what a funny little guy he is!!