Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have spoken of my love for Google reader.

I have shared with you my affinity for Gmail.

Now I must share with you my adoration for Google Analytics.

If you are a blogger, it is a must.

Google Analytics gives you a lot of the same information as your site meter.

Such as who is visiting your blog and where they are coming from.

Google Analytics will give you this information as well as tell you the KEYWORDS used to find your site.

Nothing like finding out what all the crazies are googling to get to you.

So without further Google searches:

Because Wendi Said So
Well.. duh, that is the name of my blog and I did say so!

Because I said no no no said no you not no for me
Cole, is that you playing on the computer again?

Because I said so Cakes
Did someone say Cake? Send me the recipe.

Big Bertha Children's Program
Not sure if you would call it a program but we do throw our children on an inner tube called Big Bertha. We attach a rope from Big Bertha to our boat. The children are some 30 feet away. We drive the boat at high speeds and the object of the game is to throw the children off Big Bertha. Maybe I am the one who needs a program.

Congrats on your impending arrival.
Thanks! My baby did arrive and her name is Nikon!

Denial of Addiction.
Maybe you missed that post, but I have fully embraced my addictions and have owned up to them. I have even added a new one thanks to twitter!

Didn't you tell me you always love me baby?
I did tell you that but it was in the third grade. Now go get inoculated with that cootie shot before it is too late.

Dogs + Bee stings white gums
Um, I don't think you need to be here. I think you need to take your dog to the vet. Immediately.

Dead Fish Plaque
You definitely came to the right place. I have two of them. I would gladly sell them to the highest bidder. I am completely against wall art in the form of dead fish stapled to a piece of driftwood.

Great face lifts.
I have not had one of those yet. Though I did get a great blog lift recently. I would be glad to pass along her card.

I am a teacher song.
I am not familiar with this ditty. I am a teacher and I do teach songs. Which one would you like me to teach you? Wheels on the Bus is one of my favorites!

Its so EZ to fall in love
Yes it is. I did it and I highly recommend it.

Sugar Mommas Arizona Wendi
I am not a sugar momma living in Arizona, but if you know any Sugar Daddy's living in NC...

Leaking Big Bertha
If your Big Bertha is leaking...don't go tubing. Tubing with a deflated Big Bertha is no fun.
Not to mention dangerous. Consider getting it repaired or go buy a new one.

Talkative gene.
Yup, you found me alright. I have this gene. So do my children. Contact me via email and I will set up a time I can talk your little ears off. Don't think I can't. Ask my friends IRL.

You won the sum of 1,000000.oo ghp, pounds sterling from the ballot lottery international.
They sent me the same email. I get one every day. I sent them all my important information.
My name, address, phone number, social security number, bank information, and blood type.
Whatever you do, don't send them a urine sample. I think it is a hoax. I wish I would have known.

Favorite Things Swap
You definitely came to the right place. Sorry you didn't find us sooner. The deadline is over.
Maybe next year.

EZ Pass not read if wrapped in aluminum foil
Well of course you can't read it. It is wrapped in aluminum foil for crying out loud. My advice?
Carefully remove all foil. Then read your pass. See? Wasn't that EZ?


amanda said...

honey these are too funny!!

i haven't been over to check my analytics forever...might have to go peek :)

Krystyn said...

I love mine, too, but I never get good stuff like this! It makes me sad:(

Maybe one day I'll be as cool as you.

BTW, were you going to do a Mr. Linky when swap time comes around so we can see the pictures of all the goodies everybody got? I would like to see those:)

Marla said...

i love best one had something to do with smooshed boobs in bathing suit :)

duchess said...

That google is something else.

When you find out about that sugar daddy in NC, see if he's got a friend in SC.
Hey, maybe we should Google it.

Ashley said...

I see you own a Nikon....What kind do you have? I am thinking about buying the D80 and I'm trying to find people that use it and how they like it.

P.S-These are extremely funny....I wish I had strange things that linked to my post....but I do have "craisins" and a word that someone searched to find me...not nearly as funny as yours!

Elaine A. said...


I have never been on Google Ananlytics. Guess I need to check it out. Any tips?

Love the last one - thanks for the laughs! : )

LazyCrazyMama said...

LOL Hilarious! will have to check out google analytics - where can I find it? I use blog patrol on my other blog and it is amazing what keywords lead someone to your blog!

forgetfulone said...

That's quite a collection of keyword searches! Statcounter gives me that info, too. I think google is easier to use, though.

Susan said...

You crack me up!!! I must get Google Analytics. I know you have tried to convince me before, but I am off now to load it. I am sure I get plenty of Chris Cuomo hits on mine (hee-hee)

Hot Mamma said... are they normal or am I? Ha ha

Blessings From Above said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Loved these! I really need to set up my google reader, just for this purpose.

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Love this post.
In fact, have been meaning to do one of my own.
Now that I suddenly have tons of keyword searches.
Some of them are hilarious.
I can only imagine my answers.
Loved your top 5 last week - that is one big fish!
And I also loved the alternative names you were thinking of!
Finally, rock on sister, for going back to the gym.
Not easy to do.
Before, during, or after.
You rock!
I am combining comments in one post because I'm playing catch-up, or at least trying.
BTW, I am happy to finally see you admit that you DO indeed have a "style".
Because I said so.

Love and kisses, and lots of misses (of you, that is!)
Get on Facebook so we can chat a little more easily!!!

Mamasphere said...

Those are awesome!

So far, no one has come to my blog by weird searches. I'm a little disappointed because I can't do a post like yours, lol.

Here's to Google Analytics!

Cecily R said...

HAHAHA! Those are awesome. But your commentary is awesomer.

just jamie said...

I don;t know which is funnier: the searches, or your responses.

I tried Analytics, never did get it figured out. Oh well...

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Very entertaining! :)

Stephanie said...

Haha! Why have I never done this before?!

Kelli @ "Writing" the Waves said...

hahaha! I am so ignorant about all the blog/google stuff. I'm not really even sure what Google Reader is...I know you must be shocked!.

Carol said...

I adore analytics myself.

Thrills me no end to see what the crazies are googling to end up on my blog.

Still getting the 34FF seekers. I am sure they remain disappointed.

Jennifer said...

LOL--I should get Google Analytics purely for the blogging possibilities! Dog + bee sting+ white gums! I can't even imagine--but it doesn't sound good!

Grammy Staffy said...

Sounds good to me. How do you get google analytics?

Hope all is well with you.

Becky Welch said...

That is great!! I am looking forward to my swap partner getting her package - she should have already received it! Thanks, again, for doing this!

Kristen said...

Does it scare you that I have no idea how to do google Analytics??

I know I am a loser. I really must figure that all out!

Again, thanks for being the hostess with the mostess for the swap. How fun!! Can't wait to read about everyones fun fun gifts!

Amber said...

Those are FUN! Most of mine revolve around "crazy mom"...and isn't that appropriate? :-)

McMommy said...

HA!! Hysterical!!! Who loves a Google Keywords post more than me??? No one, I tell ya! Thanks for indulging me!!

Erin said...

You keep me up to date with cool bloggy stuff! Thank you! I will check it out!