Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The fabulous Dana at "Supernanny, Where are you?" hosts a Top 5 list every Tuesday.

I decided to participate this week and wouldn't you know computer crashed.

So here I am a day late.

This week she gave us 5 questions to answer.

Here are the questions coupled with my answers.

1) How long have you been blogging?

That is easy.

Since January 13, 2008.

Almost eight months.

2) Date/link to your first blog post.

Um....didn't I just give you the date?

I will give you the link though.

Read my first post

Very different style than what I write now.

Someone gave me some blogging advice.

They said to keep your post short, to the point, and easy to read.

I stopped writing in paragraph form.

And started writing in shorter, concise sentences.

I also use fragments a lot.

I know it is bad grammar.

It is my style though.

Bad grammar and all.

3) What is the one driving force that actually made you create that blog account?

I did it for one reason.

I wanted to keep an online journal for my family.

And a few friends.

That is still my main reason.

But....there are now 100 others.

4) How did you come up with your blog name and what were other names you considered?

The first name for my blog was our family name. It was The ________ Family.

Pretty boring huh?

I only knew a few family and friends that had a blog and I just did what they told me.

Then I stumbled across a lot of really cool blogs.

Amazing blogs with amazing titles.

Thanks to Anita Renfroe and her fabulous Mom song, I chose "Because I Said So" as my second blog title.

I seriously love that song.

And I also love to use that line on my kids.

If for no other reason than my mom used it on me.

Thus, "Because I Said So" was born.

Then I googled my blog.

Guess what?

About 50 other people thought it was a good name too.

And one of those 50 had a huge following and a book deal.

I started envisioning lawsuits and a blogger uprising.

I changed it as simply and painlessly as possible.

I changed the "I " to a "Wendi" and called it my blog.

Thus "Because Wendi Said So" was born.

The third time was a charm.

Other names I considered:

OCD that is Me!

May I alphabetize that for you?

Seconds from a straight jacket

5) Post a link to your favorite blog post ever.

I am not sure I have a favorite.

I cracked myself up with this one.

You can see the old writing style evolving.

You can read about a major cooking fiasco here.

Here is one of my more serious posts dedicated to my mother.

And here is my 100th post.

If you need more reading material...there are 130 other posts to check out.

Why should you go read more of my posts?

Well....Because Wendi Said So of course!


snow said...

Do I get anything for commenting first? I love reading cuz I often miss our daily phone calls and it's a way to catch up with what's goin' on with you and your busy bees.

And a huge dose of humor is always good for the soul!



Beachy Mimi said...

Loved all that.

Elaine A. said...

I am just about to post this too!

Now I will have to come back and read all the posts that you highlighted since I am somewhat of a new subscriber to BWSS.

Love your blog name and that last line! ; )

Grammy Staffy said...

I just love your post and your style and you!

Kristen said...

Well I for one friend, am so so glad that you started a blog. Because Wendi did so, I have a great friend that lives in NC! :) YOU!!!

Sorry I missed you today, I accidently left up my google gmail page while trying to chase our kids around! Let's catch up soon, and glad your computer is back and running again!

The Reed's said...

Good advice about blogging..

Glad your computer came back to life.

Have a good one..

duchess said...

Very cute and I always do what I'm told - that's why I keep coming back for more.
Only could I get through my day without my dose of Wendi?
I love May I Alphabetize That For You BTW. It's very appropriate.

Stephanie said...

I love your blogging style! You are witty and to the point and oh-so-endearing. Simply ADORE you!

Sue said...

I went and read your very long, but informational first post! I haven't read my first one since I started (about the same time as you), but I am going to have to now and see how different it is!

Krystyn said...

I loved this Tuesday post, too, so I'm thinking I'm going to use it next week.

Isn't it funny how our styles change so much?

amanda said...

love the story of your blog title - the third time really is a charm :)

any news on the pics this morning??

still praying...

Cecily R said...

I Love your writing style. Have I ever told you that?

I also love your blog name, but I gotta tell you, Seconds From A Straight Jacket made me LAUGH.

Anonymous said...

Can we share OCD?! I love that one!!!

Dana said...

I'm so glad you did this! I love your blog, and your style. The funny part is that I pretty much got the opposite advice(about the style)....I tried, but I think your advice was better. Maybe because the advice I got came from a nonblogger, I don't know....Enough rambling, I hope you will keep joining in if you see some you like in the future.

The White House said...

Great post... I will have to check in on tuesday to see what the next five q's are !

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

That was fun! Hey I really like 'seconds from a straight jacket', now that is a cool blog title!